Mermaid on the Hook

AU → ariel is in storybrooke and when hook comes to town she gets involved in one of his schemes.


Hook x Ariel AU - Ariel makes a deal in order to have legs. The consequence however, is her first born. She recites the only bedtime story she will ever have the chance to tell her daughter; a story about her father.

He looks young, but he’s lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. Wherever you might be taken, however scared you might be, I promise you that you will never be alone. Because this man is your father.

He has a name but the people of this world know him as another.

Captain Hook.

there’s something in the water i do not feel safe it always feels like torture  to be this close
there’s something in the water
i do not feel safe
it always feels like torture
to be this close


I gave everything to be with him, my tail and my voice. My Beautiful voice. But Killian never loved me, he hardly ever noticed me. She waited for the day that he would move pass losing his first love, and maybe love her but it never came. Now years later I hear rumors that Killian has entered Storybrooke and I don’t know if I should try again or find a way to give him a piece of my mind. But that would not go very well since I still can’t speak.


She smiled up to him and the sunlight coming over them, her eyes looked lighter, hazel and gold. Her hair was flaming browns, oranges and reds. Her mouth was deep pink, closer to crimson. He sighed. She was beautiful, like a painting, or a sunset. But how long would that be enough for him?

Another chapter! This one is more Ariel/Eric than Hookriel, but here, have some jealous!Killian on the side ;)

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Okay, so I got 3 theories the last week. Thank you, who sent it to me, really. Now you have one week to vote which is your favorite.

Theory #1: I’ve always seen Killian act with impecable manners, so my first guess is that before a pirate he was a noble. Now, what if (and just what if) he was more than we could imagine before his pirate life? What if he was… a prince living in a castle near the sea? A prince who loved to sail from time to time and was always in search for adventures. Maybe a mermaid fell for him and after a tragic spell he decided to leave everything to try to bring Ariel back.

Theory #2: They met when she saved him from drowning. She was a daughter of a sea king & he was in love with the sea. Hook had already had his run-in with Milah & Rumple. Ariel got Ursula to give her legs for the traditional price & on her way to Eric was intercepted by Hook who thought he recognized her. Hook won her voice back for her, at a price, & tried to ensure that she could keep her legs forever & stay with him but I see them as having been tragically parted when she was turned back into a mermaid

Theory #3: -Hook met Ariel in Neverland after Milah died
-Ariel lost Eric prior to meeting Hook
-Ariel and Hook meet several times, and he helps her become a human with the use of fairy dust
-All is going well until Ariel begins to get sick because she needs to be in the ocean
-Hook turns Ariel back into a mermaid and vows to find some manner of magic that will allow them to be together. He thinks that if he kills Rumple and becomes the dark one, he can turn Ariel human permanently.
-Once in FTL, Hook looks for a way to defeat Rumplestiltskin and gets tangled up with Regina/Cora (as seen in the Queen of Hearts episode)
-Once the curse hits, he assumes that Ariel has been sent to Storybrooke as well, and so he tries to get to Storybrooke to kill Rumple/ find Ariel
- He searches for Ariel in the water first night he arrives but cannot find her and thinks she is still in neverland
- Hook/Rumple showdown (Seen in The Outsider)
- Hook eventually finds Ariel in Storybrooke, but she has turned human because of the curse

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we don’t care if it hurts or we’re holding too tight